America – A People Who Are Good For Nothing

Hello, WBC –

I am hoping that you can confirm something for me. For a piece I’m putting together about the Snyder case, I’ve written the passage below:

The epic was not intrusive. Westboro initiated the posting and it was about Snyder, but it was not directed at him. For example, a printed copy was not mailed to him, nor was it emailed to him. It was placed on a platform giving Snyder a choice of whether to see it. In fact, Westboro did not care if he saw it.

Would you verify the accuracy of the passage, particularly the last sentence, that church members did not care if Snyder saw the epic?



Joe –

It is true.  😉



Thanks, WBC. Always good to hear from you and I appreciate your responses.

Say, this has nothing to do with my work, but I’m curious about a couple of things. First, does WBC get involved with the political process? Would the Church ever support a presidential candidate?

Second, how does WBC feel about the Tim Tebow “phenomenon?”



Hi Joe –

In the past we were involved in politics (Fred Jr was a Gore delegate to the national convention in Atlanta in 1988, showing the level of involvement and the support he had from his family), but not as a church.  Today, we do not.

We do not support any of the painful clown face that is american politics and the mess that is the candidates.  The media runs to the outrageous and the candidates are as rotten as the rest of this nation.  The pool to draw from is tainted with the curses of God.  The Jeremiah 13 “people that are good-for-nothing” curse has taken center stage in the current presidential race.

Tim Tebow is an apologist.  In an interview recently, the reporter asked him about fag marriage, and his publicists jumped in and intercepted the ball, so he would not answer in a most public way, the most important question on the Doomed american landscape today.  It shows he is ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ and HIS word, in this adulterous and sinful generation.  He also has the God-loves-everyone lie.  He also has the free-will lie.  All that game-day puff he does in public is a lie and that is why the people love him.

I think that covers it.

Thank you.


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