Cry Aloud, Spare Not, Lift Up Thy Voice Like A Trumpet And Show america Her Sins!



Hello Brian –

Responses are below. I fixed some of the typos in your questions; I didn’t have time to correct them all. (Do they teach punctuation in the doomed-american school system any longer? You start sentences with a capital letter; and when you ask a question, you use the question mark at the end.)

If you have further questions, feel free to email them to me.


I am a college student doing a research paper on your church group. I would like to start off by saying that I am trying to show as much respect as I can through an email, if something comes off offensive the I don’t mean it that way, but i would appreciate the same level of respect in return.

Get over yourself; all this jabber about “respect” is beside the point and way too self-indulgent. The best “respect” you can show someone is tell them the truth about their never-dying soul.

I have a few questions that I would like to ask. I have looked at your website but the questions I have are not answered there. I would like your own words, no Bible versus [sic, verses] please because I cannot use them in my paper; your words only please.

Stop being such a word Nazi. What kind of class teaches children to proactively refuse to refer to the Bible? Oh, I know! A doomed-american class. They’ve taught you children to forget God and His Word, and never speak of Sodom. That’s why you’re the last cursed generation of a doomed nation.

1. Your church started in 1955, but you didn’t start protesting till 1991; what was going on during those roughly 40 years?

We had a conspicuous testimony everywhere we went about Bible truth. We weren’t picketing about the fags taking over this nation, because they had not yet. There were some people who still believed the Bible and obeyed the commandments of God. It wasn’t time yet.

2. What event changed Fred Phelps mind from West Point to the church?

Pastor Phelps was called by God to preach in the summer before he was scheduled to present himself at West Point. Clearly God delivered him from that filthy rape-infested institution.

3. Your site says you spend roughly $200,000 a year for flights. Where does the money come from?

As @DearShirley would say – “It’s a secret. Shh!” We work silly. Where does your money come from?

4. BESIDES religion is there any other reason for the protests at military funerals?

First, stop being such an impudent thing, pretending the duty to serve and obey God is irrelevant. It’s the only thing that IS relevant in this life. You mocking brats have been taught by hating selfish parents, teachers, preachers and leaders, to make a mock of serving God. That’s their bad – and you are left utterly without hope because of that lie. God is alive; and you have a duty to obey him just like we do. So don’t be so stinkin’ flip about that fact.

Second, besides our duty to serve God and warn our fellow man that his sins are taking him to hell; and our duty when God brings the sword on the land, to speak up and say STOP SINNING – no. That’s the reason we do it. They’ve turned those military funerals into giant political pep rallies, and rages against God. Someone needs to be there to say SHUT UP AND STOP SINNING. We’re thankful we’re permitted by God to do that good work.

5. How many people are in your church?

The perfect number to have captured the attention of the entire world. Yours?

6. Where did the idea of protesting back in 1991 and for military funerals originate from?

In 1991 we started picketing because fags were piled up in a nearby park propositioning everything in sight. The local “leaders” and “preachers” were all good with it. So we hit the sidewalks with some signs saying it was wrong. That precipitated a chain of events that led to us preaching to the whole world. God had that all mapped out; we’re happy to go along.

Regarding military funeral, see #4. We saw the funerals being pimped out by politicians, military, media and families – so they could all open their big mouths and demand God bless this cursed land. They made the public platform; we joined the public discussion.

7. From an outside view, some may consider your church group to be a form of a cult. What’s your view?


8. What area of christian do you fall under( i.e. protestant..etc);or are you considered your own religion?

We don’t fit into the category of any of the faux-Christian raping-priest whore houses of today. We are Bible believing servants of God. Westboro Baptist Church is an independent church. We call ourselves Baptist because we publish the same message as John the Baptist.

9. Do you think the Bible is up to the reader’s own interpretation of what the words mean?

No. I wouldn’t want to break any goofy rule of your faithless teachers/school by referring to the Bible, but the Bible specifically says no Scripture is subject to any private interpretation. Plus the words are too plain. Don’t murder; don’t commit fornication and adultery; thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; no idols; etc. Those words don’t need interpreting; they need obeying.

If i have more questions later may i contact you again. but although i do not condone what your church stands for, i do thank you for your time in answer these questions for me.

Hush with the “condone” blather – no one is interested in what a doomed child “condones.” Your moral compass is busted all to hell! You think fags eating feces is a good idea, and if you feel like murdering an unborn baby that inconveniences your fornicating lifestyle, it’s all good. Who cares what you “condone!?” And, yes, you can follow up with any further questions.



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