Open Letter from Westboro Baptist Servants of God to Anonymous Coward Crybaby “Hackers”



To sum up our thoughts on this:


God opens the doors of utterance & no man can shut them (Col. 4:3; Rev. 3:7). His Word will run & have free course (2 Th. 3:1). Translated: The only reason the Internet exists is for Westboro Baptist Church to tell this nation & this world that your destruction draws nigh. You all will shut your mouth, confess He is God, mourn for your sins, repent, & obey — or you have no hope! No weapon formed against us will prosper (Isa. 54:17).
Nothing will shut up these words – ever.

A puddle of pimple-faced nerds organized under the cowardly banner of “Anonymous” claim they plan to hack Westboro’s Websites, including &, because they hate Westboro’s Bible preachments. They mistakenly suppose because of pseudo-success with ruined-and-doomed-USA’s government or financial Websites that they can take on the servants of the Living God.

Bad miscalculation, girls!

Let us tell you how this will go: rebels will build a full head of steam based on false hope; the media will predictably do much breathless anticipating while giving another tsunami of coverage to Westboro’s message; God will defeat your council; your efforts will fail.

Anonymous is warring with God; very stupid for little boys claiming to be so smart.

All your draconian blather changes nothing. God will use you for His praise, & the rest of your wrath He will restrain (Ps. 76:10). Foppish “hackers” – like all humans – must obey God. Obey or perish.


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