Welcome to the 2010 WBC GodSmack Tour!

We’ve told you for years that the God of Heaven shows you adumbrations of His Final Judgment all the time.  Earlier this year, using the resources we have been loaned by our Father for just this purpose, we began daily pointing out the judgments we see as we discern the signs of the times (Matt. 16:3).

Since you decided to put us on trial, foolishly thinking you could silence us with your mob rule hatred of our message, framing mischief by a law (Ps. 94:20), you have set this in motion.  All roads now lead to SCOTUS, and as we travel to tell this modern day Nebudchanezzar that “we are not careful to answer thee in this matter” (Dan. 3:16), we must preach to you along the way.  We must tell you to your faces that your own personal GodSmack is coming.  The LORD will repay you to your faces (Deut. 7:10).

What are we not careful to answer about?  We will not bow down to your idol Old Glory, we will not worship the dead, and we will not declare our citizenship in this baby-killing, fag-enabling, God-hating nation.  We are not careful for one second to say we will not bow our knee, cover our heart, take off our hat or show any form of respect to you or your nation when you play “The Star Spangled Banner” or any of your other myriad “patriotic” anthems.  We will NOT pledge allegiance to your flag, whose red stripes stand for the blood of millions of murdered babies and the rectal blood of the fags you love.

Our GodSmack Tour may be your very, very last warning Doomed america.  Repent, or you may all likewise perish as these soldiers have.

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Thank God for His Judgments through SCOTUS!

On March 2, 2011, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church in Snyder v. Phelps, ruling 8-1 that the picketing of funerals by WBC is protected speech, addressing issues of public interest and importance, lawfully conducted.

The Court ruled that people going to a funeral are not a captive audience, and that the conduct of the WBC members is not subject to liability. The Court specifically noted that WBC members picket on public issues, on public right-of-ways, lawfully and peacefully, so you can avert your eyes.

The Court also ruled that the subjective claim that you were “outraged” is not sufficient to override the right to speak on public issues.

The Court affirmed the Fourth Circuit, which reversed a runaway angry jury’s award of $10.9 million in favor of the faithless father. Now he must face the fact that he has angered the Lord His God, and he won’t get relief by trying to silence the WBC.

We thank God, Praise His Name, and give Him all the glory, for this amazing deliverance and victory! He orders our steps, and opens the way for us to testify to this nation, and to the world!

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Our kids know more Bible than you.You worship this place, now deal with the repercussionsNow that's an elite recon sniper unit if ever I saw oneThe LORD sets the battle in array, all signs showing that need showingQuestions and cameras everywhere!  Which one to answer, oooh, I know, answer 'em all!This is what we call preaching to the whole round world

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Fifteenth Stop — SCOTUS

Well, here we are.  Prepared, ready for battle, given a standard by the Captain of the Host to carry forth, being reminded to be courageous, be of good courage (not feigned, self-derived human courage, but Godly, Holy courage that can only come from being on the right side of the battle), and to go into the battle God Almighty has set for us to go into.  Do not divert, do not fear these black-hearted, black-robed judges, who know not the meaning of justice, but go forward and speak plainly, with courage, with boldness, and above all, speak the Truth.

So that’s what we did.  We stood outside with our bright shining “Fag Court” sign, and went in and told those judges the truth.  We told them the same thing we’ve told all of you all along – if this is a land of laws and you believe in your Constitution, then standing 1,000 feet away from where anyone could see or hear us with some nice signs on a public sidewalk has to be protected by that Constitution; especially if you allow the opposing viewpoint (that of the have flag, will bow-down and worship it variety) to be right up at the front door.  For goodness sake, the smell of those people was more disruptive to that funeral’s “peace” and “tranquility” than anything these servants of God did.  Seriously, have you smelled the “Fartriot Guard”?  :D

As an aside, dear old america, this is the talent level you have defending your position on this the largest of all judicial stages:

Question to Summers:  ”If there were two signs and one said ‘War is Wrong’ and the other said ‘You’re a War Criminal’, are you telling us that we have to decide which sign to use”?

Summers:  ”Yes”.

Wow.  Really?  That’s what the law schools of doomed america are pumping out these days?  Wow.

We thank the LORD with words insufficient for the purpose that so many people have now heard of us, heard our message, and know that there are servants of God alive in the earth still.  Without this light affliction of you dragging us into the courts over your feeeeliiiiinngggs, how else could it have happened?  All roads have indeed led to SCOTUS, and now they lead to some more pickets!  We don’t know when this testimony will finish to you doomed americans, but we know it will, and until that moment, you have space to repent (certainly not the nation, but perhaps a few good figs out there will hear the call through this).  Heed the words and do so, for you have been warned, and there is not so much as a miniscule drop of your blood on our shoulders because we have been the ones who warned you.  Not your raping priests, your woman preachers, your sleazy politicians, your dim-witted teachers, your hateful parents, and certainly not the Beast you so love.  Just this little voice crying from the middle of nowhere, Topeka, Kansas these last 20 years.  A little group of God’s humble servants, whom you seek to put in bonds, silence by violence, frame up mischief against by a law, and in every way imaginable vilify.  We aren’t perfect, but we’re what you’ve been given from God, america, and you better pay attention.  There aren’t many grains of sand left in this hourglass.  The cup of your iniquity is only a few drops from being full.

And when that cup fills?  Immediate (no longer imminent) destruction.

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PHOTOS — Arlington National Cemetery (Second Stop)

Fag Court.  Enough said.All those white grave markers aren't apparently a good enough reminder to repent.Drink from the cup; hear the wordsThe weapons of our warfare are not carnalA glorious display of joy and signageWhere are all the counterprotestors?

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Fourteenth Stop — Arlington (Stop 2)

Well, where was the massive show of hundreds even thousands you prattled on about that were scheduled to show up and drown us out, shut us down, show us that your kind of love prevails over God and the Bible?

What was that?  Four mopeds, a wheel-chair, and two squirrels with pizza boxes glued to their tails for signs?  You people couldn’t organize an empty sock drawer, could you?

No matter, our purposes were well served.  We preached outside another one of your carcass-worshiping orgies, and it seems as if every videographer in a 50 mile radius wanted interviews and b-roll of the only real action happening in this sad, sick country.  The angels are all gathered to the battle, watching this all with keen interest, knowing the outcome but unable to turn away.  The LORD our God has set this battle in array, not us.  He has ordered all these steps so that they fall like dominoes.  The only question is when will the last one fall?

No one knows the answer to that question, for it is not for us to know.  You better get right with God, before that day comes!

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