Facebook Publishes For Us – I “LIKE” That.

Wow, I just saw a picture on FACEBOOK stating that your church was going to PROTEST at a FUNERAL of a SOLDIER!? Are you KIDDING ME? Oh and BY THE WAY OVER 329,515 PEOPLE DISLIKED YOUR PROTEST and 41,467 people shared the hatred and there were almost 16,000 comments about how IGNORANT ALL OF YOU ARE! If that doesn’t say SOMETHING, I don’t know what does!


Hello Rachael,

Yes, the numbers on the Facebook page say a few very important things:

First, this is a nation of 310 million rebels who are sprinting to doom, with their fingers clicking and mouths running as they go.  No fear of God; no hope.  Second, it says that Facebook has exactly one purpose in this earth, which is to publish the preachments of Westboro Baptist Church.

Would you be a dear and set up another half dozen Facebook pages to be sure the crowd at this picket is large and huge?  That way on at least one day of your otherwise vain existence you will have done something of value – to advance the cause of God and truth.  See www.GodHatesFags.com and all related sites.


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