#BeauBiden Major Oath-Breaker!

Beau Biden has died by God via brain cancer. He came to years and decided his father’s horrid politics/pimping is just great, despite being in the car crash when mom/sister died. Now in HELL, wants water Luke 16:23-24: http://cnn.it/1K1FVkt GodSmack!

Here’s more evidence:

Beau did nothing as Attorney General of Delaware when the evil city of Seaford attacked us for faithfully preaching to that little town: http://fxn.ws/1FMsHVz

He had plenty of time before the statutes of limitation ran on those many crimes. Additionally, he stood silent when dad lied about us: “They’re a bunch of idiots,” …”They make a mockery of Christianity. They are a bunch of right-wing wacko kooks. It’s just lousy what they do.” By the way, that’s blasphemy against the Holy Ghost for which Joe will never be pardoned, ala Matthew 12:31

Our message is for the remainder of the Biden family/friends, to wit:

Repent or Perish!

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