Africa, Author Binyavanga Wainaina, And Obama’s Push For World-Wide Acceptance Of The Vile Sodomy Abomination

Africa is the last continent on earth where there is a real sense that what God calls abomination, a government has an affirmative duty to outlaw.

Africa is the last continent on earth where there is a real sense that what God calls abomination, a government has an affirmative duty to outlaw.

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Welcome friends, to another edition of WBC Video News.  It’s been another exciting week, watching God move, with shootings on multiple campuses, the wrath of God being revealed from heaven with extreme cold and snow in multiple places across the US, the Middle East once again boiling as Egypt explodes, Iran is cut off from Syria talks, the civil war in Syria continues to displace hundreds of thousands of people, and the false-prophet pope Francis and Obama announcing an impending hook-up.  Lots to talk about, and only so much time!

First, WBC wants to give a birthday shout out to Vine, with thanks to Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll for coming up with that creative little gem of a preaching tool.  Who knew that you could cram so much Gospel truth into a 6 second video?  Leave it to some God-fearing young people to find a way to make the message so plain that even this modern generation, with attention spans no longer than the adult life of a Mayfly, can understand the message.  Thank God for providing this rich and fruitful preaching tool.

A story that saw very little coverage in the US but is gaining traction in Europe and Africa is that of Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina.  Last week, the celebrated author and journalist who has written for the New York Times, the Guardian and is a Caine Prize winner announced to the world that he is a fag in a less-than-coherent essay to his dead mother.  Now, in this country, every other day you’ve got some mugwump announcing their hatred of God and His standards, and flipping him off with their announcements of how gay they are, basking in the applause and adoration of every sycophant fag-enabler who can faun over them.  Since it’s an everyday occurrence here, this didn’t make much in the way of news.

In the rest of the world, especially Africa and Europe, this was a bigger deal, and rightly so.  Africa is the last continent on earth where there is a real sense that what God calls abomination, a government has an affirmative duty to outlaw.  Don’t get me wrong.  Africa is not a bastion of righteous living and holiness.  But on this issue, many of the nations of Africa have gotten it right.  Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and many others explicitly outlaw the abomination of sodomy (Lev. 18:22), just like this country used to do.

What makes this story even worth noting is that Mr. Wainaina is one of the few famous Africans to expose his abominable lifestyle publicly – and he’s doing so with the stated goal of changing African culture.  He is actively working to undo the Puritan values instilled on the continent during colonial times, and turn the last bastion of national truth about fags into a rainbow-flag-festooned hotbed of fag activity.  Note that this influential African could have used his bully pulpit to turn attention to any number of actual crises on the continent – the Egyptian governmental break-down, the brutality of the war and the collapse of the government in the Central African Republic, the fragile state of Sudan’s current peace and the process by which it was instituted, what’s going on in the eastern part of Congo, the tenuous state of elections in Guinea, ongoing drought and child welfare, or any other of thousands of real issues the continent faces.  Instead, he took all his personal power and played it toward making it a legal right and forced acceptance of men having sex with men.

And he’s got help.

This is where the story gets real, and important for people who are looking to “discern the signs of the times” (Matt. 16:3).  Let’s bring into sharp focus the stage we’re looking at here.  We have an entire continent, home to just over 1 billion people, where the fag juggernaut and fag marriage train have not yet gained strong traction in their quest to silence Bible truth on the evils of the lifestyle.  Therefore, the entire continent is being actively targeted for assimilation into the larger global fag-think.  A continent with wide-spread violent conflict, genocidal tendencies, mass hunger, widespread epidemic disease in many regions, an increasingly ravaged natural resource pool, etc., etc.  We are talking about an entire continent that is ripe with every form of misery and decay known to the whole of mankind, and their prominent intellectual and darling child has chosen to champion the issue of fag sex.

And he’s got a really powerful ally.

You’ve mocked us for years now when we’ve told you plainly that the US is actively seeking to conform the entirety of the world to its perverse, Godless love of sodomy.  Nowhere, though, could it be more obvious than how the poor souls of Africa are being used as pawns in this Satanic game.

Take for example, the little-reported bullying tactic that Obama used in 2011 on Malawi.  That year, the government of Malawi amended their laws to criminalize sodomy, in accordance with the popular belief of their people that sodomy is abominable in the eyes of God, and that they should treat it as such.  The US promptly rescinded $350 million worth of aid to the small nation, and urged other nations to do the same, which promptly resulted in Germany withdrawing another $33 million, and the Global Fund rejected the nation’s request for $560 million in aid requests.  Almost $1 billion of aid rejected because the moral position of the nation was brought in line with Scripture.  Understand the kind of situation we’re talking about here with Malawi (insert map showing Malawi?).  A landlocked country in southeast Africa, it currently ranks as one of the least developed nations in the world.  Less than 7% of it’s population has access to electricity.  According to the UN, roughly 75% of the country’s population makes less than $1.25 per day, 90% below $2 per day.  11.9% of the population is living with AIDS.  80% of the workforce is employed in agricultural endeavors which are regularly ravaged by weather and climate problems.  This is most definitely a place that could benefit from a little monetary assistance, and the US, the UK, Germany, and other highly developed nations have the resources and affirmative duty to do what they can to help, as is obviously acknowledged by the affording of aid in the first place.

Comes now Obama and his agenda.  Kiss fag ass, or we will keep you in abject poverty.  Understand that the criminalizing of fag behavior was the sole reason given for rescinding the aid in 2011 to this sad, sorry little nation.  We would like to think that their leaders would have stuck to their resolve, gone to their constituents and collectively told Obama to take his money and put it where the sun doesn’t shine.  Unfortunately, when you’re in as bad a spot as Malawi, that’s a tough thing to do, and they didn’t have the resolve.  They capitulated.  Obama and his hench-thing Hillary Clinton got exactly what they wanted.  Another domino down in the campaign to cover Africa in the pink swastika.

Obama’s stated goal is to ensure that foreign assistance promotes the protection of fag rights.  He will cause the abomination of desolation to stand where it ought not, and the nations of Africa are one of the final battle grounds in that goal.  Those who fear God should watch this closely, as it is a clear indication of how far toward its final destruction this world is.

“Hear this, all ye people; give ear, all ye inhabitants of the world” (Ps 49:1).  The day of His coming approaches.


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