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I am a 18 year old girl and I’m writing an report on religions for a term paper. I was
wondering if you wouldn’t mind to answer some
questions for my
report. I promise you that this paper will not be
used to make fun of
your beliefs. It might actually convert some
non-believers. Now
here are my questions: 

1. What exactly do you believe?

2. In the media you have been getting very negative publicity about thinking that God
hates soldiers, can you explain why you believe this
to be true?

3. Do you read the entire Bible?

4. Do you go by the New or Old Testaments? 5. Do you just believe in God or do you also
believe in Jesus? If you believe in Jesus, do you
believe that he was

5. What are your thoughts on Jewish people? Muslim? Catholics?

6. Why do you believe that God hates America and the entire World? If that is true why
hasn’t he Destroyed the world yet?

7. In order for God to love the World, what would the World have to do?

8. Do you believe that God ever loved the world?

9. Do you believe it is ok or wrong to kill someone if their beliefs doesn’t match

10. What is your perspective on WW2 when the Nazi’s almost wiped out the entire Jewish

11. How would someone go about joining your Faith?

12. How different, do you think, the World would be if everyone agreed with your
beliefs? Would it be an utopia where no hate or wars
ever existed?

Thank you for your time. I really hope to hear back from you very soon.

Hello –

Here are your answers below to the questions you asked. Good luck on your paper, and if you have any other
questions, I am willing to help you out further.

1. WBC believes that there is one God, the Triune God (or Trinity) consisting of the Father, the Son (i.e.
Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Bible is in fact the
only divinely-inspired Word of God (2 Peter 1:21), and that in this life, it is
the duty of every human “to fear God and keep His commandments: for this is
the whole duty of man” (Ecclesiastes 12:13). We also believe in Heaven and
Hell, the only two places where men may go upon passing from this life into the
next. And that life in Heaven and Hell is eternal: Heaven being the place of
everlasting joy with the LORD, Hell where God torments the wicked with
unquenchable fires forever and ever.

2. The reason we think God hates the dead soldiers is because no one who fears and obeys God, would be
fighting for a disobedient and rebellious nation such as this. The U.S. Armed
Forces do not have a righteous cause to go and murder their neighbors across
the globe. God said “thou shalt not kill,” and because He has given any
commandment otherwise, that is our duty.

3. Yes, we read and trust fully the entire Bible as all scripture is given for our correction, comfort, etc. (2
Timothy 3:16)

4. Both. See above. And you can watch this video, too, to drive the point home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri6gbwwvyGk

5. Jews, Muslims and Catholics are all rebels against God because they refuse to obey His commandments and have established their own “form of righteousness” and have not submitted to
God’s standards. See http://www.jewskilledjesus.com/,
http://www.godhatesislam.com/, and www.priestsrapeboys.com. This
addresses all three of those false religious systems J How convenient is that?

6. This world is full of people who disobey God’s commandments, such as by performing abortions, same-sex
marriage and sodomy, adultery, fornication, etc. But keep in mind that BEFORE
they committed all of these abominations, they chose “new” gods (Judges 5:8)
and were not thankful to the LORD that created them. Romans 1:18-32 clearly
states that Idolatry leads to Sodomy (i.e. Fags and Dykes).

7. God’s Love for His Elect (that is, His “chosen” people) is not dependent on any condition being met by
men: this is referred to as the doctrine of Unconditional Election. But it is important to know that God does NOT love all of mankind. For a case in point argument that knocks to smithereens the “God Loves Everyone” lie, see
Romans 9:13- “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.”

8. God’s Love is not just unconditional, but also Eternal. He has loved His Elect from before the
foundation of the world.

9. Absolutely not: we have no right to kill people that disagree with us. We don’t advocate that at all.

10.  Ever since the Jews killed Christ, they have been cursed of God generally. It was righteous for God
to bring that Wrath down upon them. However, I should also add here that WBC is
looking for 144,000 righteous Jews who have not yet received their call of
Grace and Faith: they will mourn for the murder of their Messiah and repent in
their hearts, and acknowledge that sin of their fathers. See www.jewskilledjesus.com for info
about that.

11. If someone wanted to join this Church, there are only two prerequisites: they must give evidence that
they are interested in serving God and are remorseful for their sins (which
come in the form of “words” and “deeds”), and they must live locally where the
Church is at (this is because they cannot serve God acceptably when they are
“forsaking the assembling” of God’s people by living far away). You see, the
members of the Church have duties not only to God specifically, but to each other,
such as rebuking, teaching, assisting, watching for each other’s souls in

12. If everyone obeyed God willingly, and glorified the LORD, He would bless men very greatly, His Spirit
bearing witness with their spirits that they were the Children of God. But such
a world does not exist today, or ever in this mortal realm. Heaven is the ideal
state of glory and happiness, whose human inhabitants’ capacity to endure joy
will only ever increase forever and ever, learning of God and being forever in
His Care.

Thanks for writing,

Member of Westboro Baptist Church

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