GodSmack: Fanning Arizona

THANK GOD FOR THE ARIZONA CRASHED HELICOPTER – 3 DEAD!  God is bereaving you of your children because you will not teach them to obey.  A helicopter with two adults and one child crashed in Cave Creek, Arizona, bursting into flames, leaving all three dead.  GodSmack!  What will it take, rebels of Doomed-america?  His fan is in his hand!

Jeremiah 15:7: And I will fan them with a fan in the gates of the land; I will bereave them of children. 

Matthew 3:12 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire. 

Does that sound like God loves everybody?  Stop lying to your children or watch them die before your eyes!  Woe, lamentations and sorrow!  No more urging, praying or words!  Obey or perish!  We pray for your demise!

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