GodSmack: Opportunists Obliterated

GOD SMACKED TWO FLORIDA REBELS ON THE WAY TO HAITI!  The whole world saw God reach down his righteous hand from heaven and smack Haiti – hard – sending that idolatrous nation reeling.  Now pompous asses are pouring by the droves to Haiti – to publicly proclaim this world’s notion that it can undo God’s work.  So Thursday night (2/4/10), two really important business men from Florida set out to bring “aid” to Haiti.  God thought otherwise.  He knocked that copter from the sky into a mountain in the Dominican Republic, killing them both.  If you want to truly help Haiti’s citizens, tell them to humble themselves before the mighty hand of God, mourn for their sins, and obey!  That is their only hope.  Thank God for his faithful promise, that he “treadeth down, and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver,” Micah 5:8.  We pray for more wrath, and your soon demise!

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