EVERY Time You See A ‘Positive’ Portrayal Of Fags In The Media, It’s The Work Of Satan & His Minions @GLAAD

To be sure, you see the efforts of GLAAD every day, in every form of media – and their mission is singular – it is simply to call God a liar in pronouncing that lifestyle as sinful. Period.

To be sure, you see the efforts of GLAAD every day, in every form of media – and their mission is singular – it is simply to call God a liar in pronouncing that lifestyle as sinful. Period.

There is an organization out there, friends, that influences you EVERY day, in ways that you cannot see, doing all it can to influence HOW  you see things in the moral realm – hoping to move you away from traditional notions of moral good and evil, to those imposed upon you by this godless zeitgeist.  The organization I refer to is GLAAD (Formerly known as the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation – now just referred to as GLAAD – because every other form of perversion has been added and their acronym would become like staring into a bowl of alphabet soup and would be too hard to pronounce – so now it’s just GLAAD.) At the top of their own website, they proclaim their mission statement: Leading the conversation. Shaping the media narrative. Changing the culture. That’s GLAAD at work.

GLAAD was formed in 1985 as a response to what they saw as defamatory press by the New York Post on the emerging AIDS crisis – their mission, at the time, was to put an end to what they called ‘homophobic reporting.’ (or any reporting that even hinted at homosexuality as sinful and depraved,  or anything for that matter – other than courageous, enlightened and laudable)

They watchdog the media, pressuring them to use only ‘preferred terminology’ in the portrayal of the LGBTQR community, pressuring news organizations not to run any stories that depicts any member of the ‘gay’ community in a negative light. They also ‘pitch’ news stories to news media outlets that involve positive portrayal of fags, dykes and trannies and pressure the news organizations to run them – using the ever-present angle that merely by not running the spoon-fed stories, the mainstream media shows itself to be homophobic.

On its own website, GLAAD claim to work with print, broadcast and online news sources to bring people powerful stories from the LGBT community that build support for equality. And when news outlets get it wrong, GLAAD is there to respond and advocate for fairness and accuracy. In other words, report on this, in this manner, and don’t you dare report on that, in a manner we don’t like. Calling into question the lifestyle is, in itself, thought of as unfair or inaccurate.

As to the Entertainment Media, GLAAD claims that they bring LGBT characters and plotlines to movie theaters, television sets and even comic books — working with writers, producers and studios to ensure accurate and diverse representations of LGBT people on the big and small screens. Working with writers and directors.

GLAAD has also developed what they call the Commentator Accountability Project – which  indexes and documents frequent contributors, guests and pundits  who regularly express anti-LGBT bias and misinformation in their contributions to journalistic outlets. It’s the GLAAD watch list – that they take to pressure media execs into caving to the sanitized version of the  filthiness of the fags.

They have even developed what they call the Studio Responsibility index – which indexes the quantity, quality and diversity of images of LGBT people in films released by six major motion pictures studios. Quantity, quality and diversity. So a studio player will actually get points for random, positive insertions of fag scenes or themes in their films. Quantity. Normalizing fag filth through positive repetition. Indeed there is nothing so absurd, that if repeated often enough, it wouldn’t become accepted as truth.

GLAAD has also launched the Network Responsibility Index, which indexes an “evaluation of the quantity and quality of images of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in major television outlets on an annual basis. – what this means is that broadcast and cable networks score points on the fag-pressured ‘go along with us or else’ meter every time they include positive gay themes and characters in their shows – whether they are integral to the show’s plot or not. But don’t you know, to GLAAD, the acceptance of homosexuality and bisexuality as innocent, brave and laudable is and should be integral to EVERY plot and show. Their strategy is absolute, brazen inundation of lies – AND the absolute smothering of all truth that may depict the LGBT%&*(set of keys) community in its true, depraved, god-hating, selfish, sodomitic light.

And finally, as if this weren’t enough to take the breath away in any decent person, GLAAD has developed what they call The GLAAD Media Reference Guide – it is a style guide of recommendations for writers, especially journalistic outlets, to reference in positive, inclusive depiction of LGBT people. It has been published since the 1990’s with the 8th edition being the most recently published. This is the book that you must use, with all the accepted phraseology, in order to sanitize and euphemize the filthiness of the fags. And my friends, it is EVERYWHERE. On a daily basis, every one of us wades around and swims in a literal sea of fag lies.

GLAAD often uses what it calls action alerts, stirring what it perceives as sympathy and pity for fags and dykes and the need for LGBT-inclusive laws by publicizing the hate-motivated murders of Matthew Shepard, Brandon Teena, and the like. GLAAD used and lied about the murder of Matthew Shepard, conducting one of the most thorough-going fag fiction media spin cycle in the history of media, to gain worldwide sympathy for what it perceived as a ‘hate crime’ against the gay community.  In fact, Jonathan Gregg wrote in Time (no doubt primed by GLAAD):

“Matthew Shepard died not because of an all-too-common sex crime, but because of prejudice. Essentially, Shepard was lynched; taken from a bar, beaten and left to die because he was the vilified “other” whom society has often cast as an acceptable target of abuse; Dirkhising was just “another” to a pair of deviants. And while child abuse is unfortunately no big news, lynching still is.” – while there are several problems with that statement – the most glaring is this – Matt Shepard wasn’t lynched, even though the fag media juggernaut, driven by GLAAD and its father, Satan, has hijacked the previously righteous civil rights freedom train and has rerouted it from Selma to Sodom.

Here are the facts –

Matt Shepard was killed in a meth-induced, drug deal and robbery gone bad, by two desperate, drug-riddled men whose sole motivation was to feed their habit (the same habit that Shepard had). Shepard was a known small-time drug dealer and user, with the same appetite for meth that the other two men had – and Shepard also had an appetite for causal homosexual encounters. In fact, one of the two men convicted of Shepard’s murder was known to have previously had sexual encounters with Shepard. But fag on fag violence won’t do for GLAAD, so everyone sticks to the script GLAAD wrote. Matt Shepard died in a pitifully ignoble, craven situation. Small time nobodies feuding for drugs or money for drugs, fueled by a meth-craving rage. And Matt was also a fag who used that addiction in himself and others to put himself in situations where inhibitions faded as the drugs kicked in, and his lusts could be satisfied by the pliable conscience of ‘being high.’ That GLAAD, though the mainstream media, used Matt Shepard as THE poster boy to shame people into changing their outward views about homosexuality is both pitiful and genius. Pitiful, in that the situation and events surrounding his death weren’t even a country mile from what actually transpired, and people bought it, hook line and sinker. And Genius for precisely the same reason.

But perhaps as glaring as the literal inundation of fag fiction media spin that GLAAD has perpetrated over the years is what facts and stories GLAAD squelches, or kills dead as soon as possible, in that the details, if known, would tend to paint fag culture in its true light (and that is not a good thing for the fags – whose conduct is so depraved that the God who made us all refers to that conduct as abominable and affixed the death penalty for anyone who engaged in it.) Nearly a year after Matt Shepard died, and the lying account of his death and its circumstances had become embraced as gospel truth in the mainstream, a little 13 year old boy named Jesse Dirkhising was killed in Rogers Arkansas. He was literally sodomized to death by two fags – Josh Brown and David Carpenter. These two craven fags literally sodomized a little boy until he died, and then went and made themselves sandwiches and ate them, before even realizing that the boy was no longer breathing. Although this happened nearly a year after the Matt Shepard tragedy, this story was not initially reported by any news agencies outside of Arkansas – and GLAAD played a pivotal role here in ‘killing’ this story. So a young man is killed in a meth fueled robbery and drug deal gone bad, having already had fag sex with one of the perpetrators on numerous occasions already, and this is a ‘hate crime’ worthy of international exposure, but a 13 year old boy brutally sodomized to death by two fags who were ‘respected’ in the community, owning and operating a hair salon, is not worthy of reporting outside of Arkansas? Why? Because this story did not fit the ‘villain-victim’ script of the cultural elite – it not only doesn’t move ahead the lying narrative of a positive outlook on homosexuality, it actually hurts that narrative. And so, it must be hushed.

That’s the efforts of GLAAD. To be sure, you see the efforts of GLAAD every day, in every form of media – and their mission is singular – it is simply to call God a liar in pronouncing that lifestyle as sinful. Period.

The media is indeed a fag juggernaut that is energized by his majesty the devil, with its purpose being to cast aside every standard of God as being hackneyed, antiquated, and not in line with the post-modern zeitgeist. Make no mistake, EVERY time you see some ‘positive’ portrayal of homosexuality in the media, it is the work of Satan and his minions – at an organization that is nearly invisible to the mainstream – a satanic organization called GLAAD.


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MO Got Showed!

Missouri boasts themselves as the “Show Me” state, but then tries to kill anyone who actually shows them love by telling them, faithfully, truth.

Therefore, The God has shown them what He can do.

First – a guy with a gun went CRAZY and killed 7 of only 50 people in a small Missouri town: http://www.cnn.com/2015/02/27/us/missouri-deaths/

Second – Thomas Schweich, who was Missouri’s auditor shot and killed HIMSELF: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/02/tom-schweich-missouri-suicide


Do NOT demand anything of the LORD God, or He will answer you.

Ezekiel 14:7 For every one of the house of Israel (Missouri, ‘merica), or of the stranger that sojourneth in Israel, which separateth himself from me, and setteth up his idols in his heart, and putteth the stumblingblock of his iniquity before his face, and cometh to a prophet to enquire of him concerning me; I the LORD will answer him by myself:

Repent, Missouri, or perish as these did.

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WIR #22

A week which nearly wrote itself!

Leonard (I am such a logical Christ-rejecting Jew) Nimoy died and split Hell wide open!  http://www.wrdw.com/home/headlines/Le-Chat-Noir-to-hold-memorial-for-Leonard-Nimoy-on-Saturday-night-294426541.html?ref=541


Other rebels died, as well.  Nemtsov some newly pronounced “opposition leader”: http://news.yahoo.com/russian-opposition-leader-nemtsov-shot-dead-moscow-013611279.html

Scores are still dying in Africa and surrounding areas from Ebola: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/27/health/fatality-rate-in-west-africa-ebola-clinics-is-dropping.html

Media tries to paint a happy picture.  Ha!

Meanwhile back in the “usa, usa, usa” more dead oath-breakers, and here’s the breakdown from 2015 thus far: http://www.odmp.org/search/year

Yet they seemed to have missed one:


Oh, they only count those in the “line of duty”?!

Now to Bangladesh (God hates them: http://bit.ly/14RPork) some smarty pants gave new meaning to being “hacked”: http://news.yahoo.com/top-asian-news-12-00-m-gmt-000300732.html

What?  Too soon?

Luke 7:32  They are like unto children sitting in the marketplace, and calling one to another, and saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned to you, and ye have not wept.

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Be Humble Day!

Some little do-gooders decided that 2/22 is “Be Humble Day”: http://www.dates.abouttravelingtheworld.com/special-holidays/be-humble-day/#Origin_and_Purpose_of_the_Be_Humble_Day


Dude, you can’t be a humble hater any more than you can be a “gay” “Christian”!

Leviticus 19:17 Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.

You need educatin’!

The Bible is clear that God does in fact love an elect remnant and evidence of their election is that they have a humble heart. Here’s your sign: http://bit.ly/1tQc1rs   via Isaiah 57:15.

What does that look like, on the ground?

Tell your neighbor the truth and THAT is the royal law. Or via Paul at Romans 13:8-10 don’t commit sin against them and DON’T watch quietly as they sin!

Therefore, when you see @WBCSaysRepent on your mean streets being vilified, and demonized for some plain words on some signs – – that’s humility.




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